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The 50th Anniversary of the Bridgetown Port/Deep Water Harbour

The 50th Anniversary of the Bridgetown Port/Deep Water Harbour
The 50th Anniversary of the Bridgetown Port/Deep Water Harbour The 50th Anniversary of the Bridgetown Port/Deep Water Harbour The 50th Anniversary of the Bridgetown Port/Deep Water Harbour The 50th Anniversary of the Bridgetown Port/Deep Water Harbour
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The Bridgetown Port (officially called The Deep Water Harbour) was opened in 1961 upon the completion of five years of construction. Situated at the North-Western end of Carlisle Bay, the Port handles all of the country’s international bulk shipping, and is also the port of entry for international and Caribbean cruise ships.  It is one of three designated ports of entry into Barbados; the other two being the privately-owned Port Saint Charles Marina and the Sir Grantley Adams International Airport.
The Port handles approximately 700,000 cruise passengers and 900,000 tonnes of containerized cargo per year. A premier Caribbean cruise call, the port is lauded as one of the most competitive and efficient in the region.
Situated in the Bridgetown Port is a spacious Cruise Terminal designed to enhance visitors’ experience. Within this Terminal are Customs, Immigration, Health and Quarantine offices. Several duty-free shops cater to the thousands of cruise ship visitors who pass through the Terminal.
The Bridgetown Port has received the “Port of the Year Award” four times and is recognized as one of the best run ports in the Caribbean.
10¢      Pelican Island 
Pelican Island was a small uninhabited island that once existed off the West Coast of Bridgetown and Fontabelle.  The island received its name from the brown pelicans, which used it as a nesting ground.
The island was used as a quarantine facility for the sick crews and passengers of arriving ships. This facility helped to avoid the transmission of communicable and infectious diseases to the island of Barbados.  On this island was found housing facilities for patients, a morgue, living-quarters for a care-taker and a laundry room equipped with cauldrons for the boiling and sterilization of clothing.
Between 1956 and 1961, the Caribbean Sea between Pelican Island and Barbados was reclaimed and filled in during the building of the Bridgetown Port.  This incorporated Pelican Island into the mainland of Bridgetown and the Deep Water Harbour Complex.
A tourist attraction named Pelican Village can now be found on the site as a tribute to the separate Island that once existed there.
65¢      Lightermen Delivering Cargo 
Lightermen were men who worked on barges carrying goods and wares from cargo ships to shore. In earlier days cargo ships used to dock away from port. These Lightermen would use barges to go to the ships, offload the goods and wares onto the barges and return to shore.
$1.75   Tug Barbados II   
The Tug Barbados II, is one of two vessels owned by the Barbados Port Inc.; the other being the Tug Pelican.  It has a power output of 5,500 hp unit and handles operations such as docking for cruise and cargo ships. It is also equipped for fire-fighting, salvage and pollution control duties.
$2.80   Aerial View of the Bridgetown Port  
This aerial view of the Bridgetown Port shows the four deep-water quays, which can accommodate five (5) to six (6) large cruise ships at a time.
Technical Details
The 50th Anniversary of the Bridgetown Port/Deep Water Harbour
Release Date:
1st October 2012
Andrew Robinson
BDT International Security Printing Ltd
Stamp Size: 
28.45 mm. x 42.45 mm.
Sheet Format: 
50 (2 x 25)
14 per 2 cm.
Paper type
CASCO Crown Watermarked
Stamps Values & Designs:
10¢    -
Pelican Island
65¢   -
Lightermen delivering cargo
Tug Barbados II
Aerial View of the Bridgetown Port
Set of stamps:
First Day Cover
Images supplied by Ms. Freida Nicholls, Barbados Port Inc.
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