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Sailors' Valentine 2011

Sailors' Valentine 2011
Sailors' Valentine 2011 Sailors' Valentine 2011 Sailors' Valentine 2011 Sailors' Valentine 2011
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Some believe that "Sailor's Valentines" were the work of homesick sailors, who made them as gifts for loved ones while on long sea journeys.

The Sailors' Valentines represented in this issue were all made of natural colour shells, collected mostly from Barbados beaches and around the world. These intricate works of art except for the $2.75 stamp image which was created by American shell artist Pamela Boynton, and the 10¢ which was made by a Barbadian artist, were all made by Barbadian Daphne Hunte who is well known locally and internationally for her Shell work and Sailors' Valentines creations.



A genuine antique Sailors' Valentine from the 1800's which was made by a Barbadian artist and is treasured for its history and beauty. This valentine was created entirely of natural colour Barbadian sea shells


"With My Love" This valentine represents a special gift of love from mother Daphne Hunte to her daughter, as a precious memory to have and enjoy. The beautiful heart cockle in the middle is natural coloured and the inscription is written with baby janthinas found on the beach at Bathsheba, Barbados. The little bouquets of flowers are arranged in miniature sea egg shells also found at Bathsheba. Almost all of the other shells are from all over the world.


This valentine "Live Today, Hope Tomorrow" is a treasure which embodies wonderful words of wisdom and hope.


"Evermore" is a beautiful traditional valentine created by American artist Pamela Boynton in memory of her beloved sister. It is one of the best reproductions of the Original Barbadian Valentines.

Technical Details




Sailors’ Valentines

Release date:

February 14, 2011


Andrew Robinson


The Lowe-Martin Group



Stamp size:

32mm x 32mm


13 per 2cm

Sheet format:

50 (2 x 25)

Paper Type

CASCO Crown Watermarked


10c, 65c, $2.20, $2.75

Set of 4 stamps

- $5.70


- $6.45

Photography compliments Andre Williams

Reference material and images provided compliments of Daphne Hunte. Reference is also made to “Sailors’ Valentines Their Journey Through Time” by Grace L. Madeira, Constance Marshall Miller, Mary S. Page and Ann T. Schutt.


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