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Privacy Policy

The Barbados Postal Service acknowledges the importance of protecting the privacy of users and our web site has been designed with this in mind.

Our aim is to be as clear as possible about how and why we collect information about you on this website. If your questions are not fully answered by the information below, please contact us. We’ll be happy to help.

The information has been organised for easier reading.

1. What information does B.P.S. capture on visitors to its website? 
2.  Why do we collect information about you? 
3.  How do we collect information about you? 
4.  Is personal information collected? 
5.  How do we keep your information secure? 
6.  What is a cookie? 
7.  How do we use cookies? 
8.  Can cookies be removed from my hard drive?
9.  Links to other sites? 
10.  How do I contact B.P.S.? 
11.  Updates/Changes to the Privacy Policy?

What information does B.P.S. capture on visitors to its web site?

We collect information about you automatically when you log on to our website. Our Website captures the date and time of your visit, the visitor’s IP address; the browser used to access the site and the pages you have visited. We do not collect any data that identifies you personally.

Why do we collect information about you?

1. To provide you with better online services. We need to know information about you to be able to provide certain services for example we need your name and address to deliver products from our online shop.

2. To enhance/improve your visit to the web site. When you indicate your preferences through our Request Information Form we will use this information to personalise the site to better meet your needs.

3. To provide you with information about products or services that we believe will interest you. We will only do this with your consent.

4. To analyse our commercial performance. We use aggregate customer information to help us understand how our web site is performing commercially and what we can do to improve that performance.

How we collect information about you?

We also collect data about you when you fill out registration forms or order anything from our shop.

We gather information about what you do on our site. We use this information to learn which sections of our site are being used and what information is most or least useful and to enhance ease of use by ensuring bb can interface with the types of technology our visitors use.

Is personal information about you collected?

Only when you ask us to deliver purchases or complete a registration form is personal information required.

Keeping your information safe?

When we secure personal information about you, we safeguard it using the Postal Service, Industry Standard encryption software Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). Simply put, the URL in your browser will change to “HTTPS” instead of “HTTP” when the security feature is invoked. The browser may also display a symbol on its task bar line to indicate invoked secure transmission.

What is a cookie and are they used on the website?

A cookie is a set of small files stored by a browser on your computer’s hard drive. Cookies are common features of many websites. Once placed on your computer, the cookie, will allow the website to recognise you as a unique individual. We mainly use them to improve your shopping experience, to personalise areas to make them more relevant to you and also to monitor the number of persons who visit our site.